Hollyland Cosmo 600 wireless HDMI/SDI video transmitter review

Wireless transmitters are a great solution for those who can’t or don’t want to run cables across the studio set to a monitor and no one can deny these solutions give you plenty of freedom.

Cosmo 600 receiver unit

The COSMO 600 is a professional solution and promises to transmit an HDMI or SDI signal up to 600 feet (or about 180 meters for those who use the metric system) at a resolution of up to 1080p60. All with a claimed latency of less than 1 millisecond. Transmission is encrypted. The unit is equipped with a clear OLED screen, timecode is supported, and there’s automatic recording synchronisation with the camera. You can power the transmitter with an L-series battery plate, a V-Mount option is available for the receiver. D-Tap to LEMO cables are also included and the whole set comes in a nice hard case with some additional accessories. All in all the set looks fairly complete and comes in nice and durable packaging.

Getting the system all set up and running proved to be more than simple

Now, the Cosmo 600 is a mid-range pro product. Hollyland also sells the Mars 300, which is meant for regular consumers and has less range and more (noticeable) latency. There are also more powerful options such as the Cosmo 1200 or 2000, which, as you’ve probably guessed, have a better transmission range but these sell at a higher cost.

Hollyland Cosmo 600 used on set

Getting the system all set up and running proved to be more than simple, you mount the receiver and the transmitter where you want them to go, power them up by whatever means available and the transmitter and receiver will connect automatically, assuming the channels match. There’s actually very little hassle involved.

Basic information on system status is displayed on the screen, such as signal strength and resolution. The display is not too big but it’s not too small either, and seems about right. Menus are simple enough to navigate and the interface speaks for itself.

So how did it perform? Pretty good actually. Not only were we surprised with the ease we were able to set this up, but the range and performance is great. In fact, the range estimate of 600 feet seems somewhat of a conservative estimate. In an open field with a clear line of sight we found that the range would easily go beyond that. if you’re working inside buildings, the range will suffer a bit though, depending on how thick the walls are. But that’s to be expected. Performance was, as far as we are concerned, near flawless and we didn’t notice any delay in real-time transmission.

As for build quality. These units are not made of cheap plastic and really seem durable as you’d expect from a product in this price range.

Pricing of the Cosmo 600 is competitive enough, around 1699,- dollars, putting it on the table as serious option if you’re on the lookout for a professional wireless system. In the end, the freedom you gain with a wireless system is immense.

If you can afford it, the Cosmo 600 is most definitely a worthwhile investment and at the very least a serious contender.