New Z CAM E2 Cameras Introduced

Z CAM will be introducing three new cameras this fall. The E2 S6 (a Super-35 6K camera, with MFT, EF or PL mounts) and also two full-frame models, using 6K and 8K sensors (E2 F6 and E2 F8, both with a choice of EF and PL mounts).
These cameras build on the same features found in the original Z CAM E2, with these new major sensor upgrades. So it will include the same 10bit ProRes recording, with support for internal RAW recording coming soon via a firmware update.

The new cameras should be available somewhere around October 2019, assuming there’s no delay. Pricing seems to be very competitive, with the E2-F8 FF costing $5.995, the E2-F6 FF going for $4.995, and last but not least the E2-S6 S35 costing $3.995.